Media Comparison Chart





⇒ Least expensive cost per impression
⇒ Can target markets, trade areas, zones, or neighborhoods most effectively
⇒ Larger then life graphics = stopping power (dominates)
⇒ Increase awareness faster and more effectively (a must to achieve threshold of awareness)
⇒ Aided recall for other media
⇒ Believable copy due to visibility and tangibility
⇒ You can’t avoid us!
⇒ Slower copy change(unless LED)
⇒ Local zoning ordinances can limit coverage in some areas


⇒ Change copy fastest of any media
⇒ Efficient cost for non-targeted areas
⇒ Flexible for seasonal or spot promotions
⇒ Needs many impressions for recall
⇒ Market segment without geographic consistency
⇒ Much competition
⇒ Audio not as believable as visual
⇒ Listening audience dissected by CD’s, iPod’s, XM/Sirius


⇒ Best educator using audio and visual
⇒ Prestigious
⇒ Flexibility for seasonal
⇒ Expensive per impression
⇒ Tivo(DVR’s) make it easier than ever to skip commercials
⇒ Buying power low except for some prime-time
⇒ Coverage too vast for small advertisers


⇒ Can be very detailed in copy
⇒ Believable
⇒ Easy to co-op
⇒ Most expensive
⇒ Dying media, being replaced by the internet
⇒ Production is low quality
⇒ Zones do not match most local advertisers needs